Diana Simon


Through my work, I seek to describe the beauty and wisdom, tangible and intangible of the Hebrew letters and Jewish texts--an endless pursuit – both in the many facets of interpretation and the possibility of expression.

Hebrew text and Biblical passages in their most pure form are, to me the ultimate artistic creation. As I approach the blank surface on which I plan to work, I am inspired by a Text. I am not a calligrapher.  The Texts are my drawing. Once the Text appears, I experiment with the surface surrounding the Text. I could paint or draw, but that would interfere with the ultimate importance of the Text itself. I hand-dye each individual piece of tissue paper and rice paper. The texture and transparency of the paper allow for a unique layered feel as the composition sings the inspiration of the Text as it affects me. I strive to express my understanding of these all-encompassing words. The successful result is, in a sense, two compositions. The beautiful passage itself, which alone is a complete work of art, and the collage, which even without the Text expresses my spiritual understanding of these Eternal Words.

My collages arouse in the viewer a feeling of connection, entirely personal -that gives a new feeling, of a sense of the mystery and grandeur and miraculousness emanating from Torah.  Like a niggun entering the ear and stirring the soul, to see something enter the eyes which hints at a light – of one wishes to know more.

 In my early twenties, I disconnected from art as I had disconnected from Judaism. I didn’t see their purpose in this world. I believed in the “universal good”, that all beings are equal and art was too often an expression of vanity and self- indulgence.

It was by returning to Judaism that I finally found a home for my belief in all of G-d’s creation and I understood the importance of art as a language that uniquely can describe the world in which we live, those things which cannot be uttered with words, as well as to seek by looking – perhaps to be able to describe some of the mystery and holiness in what appears, at first glance, quite ordinary.


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  • Sale Jewish Art Online Diana Simon

    Diana Simon
    Todah (Thank you)

     7,200  5,000
    • USD: $1,421
  • Jewish Art Online Diana Simon

    Diana Simon
    Psalms 90:17

    • USD: $0
  • Sale Jewish Art Online Diana Simon

    Diana Simon
    I am to my Beloved

     14,400  10,000
    • USD: $2,841
  • Sale Jewish Art Online Diana Simon

    Diana Simon
    Blessing of the Home

     800  600
    • USD: $170


Born in London, England 1960

Moved to Israel in 2008

Lives and works in Jerusalem



1976- 1978 Fine Art and Photography, Barnet College, London.  


 Select Group Exhibitions:

2012 International Jewish Artist of the Year Exhibit, Ben Uri Gallery London

2016: Consequences of Freedom, Brooklyn Jewish Art Gallery, New York

2016: Past X Future, Metropolitan Pavilion, Manhattan NY

2017: Gesher Alliance, Bet Alliance, Jerusalem


Awards and Scholarships:

1995 Marin Arts Council of Northern California, award recipient

2001 Marin Arts Council of Northern California, award recipient

2007 Commendation: Ben Uri Gallery, London

2009 Misrad Haklitah L’ALiyah- award recipient


Collections: Private Collections in the United States, England and Israel