Ben Gat Kosher Premium Wine


Ben Gat represents the extensive private collection of the renowned Israeli wine collector and connoisseur Arieh Halachmi whose goal is to offer wine lovers a unique wine experience the likes of which are found no place else.

Halachmi has searched for and selectively collected over the years the finest wines with maximum potential from a number of boutique Israeli wineries. The collection includes over 11,000 bottles mostly not found any place else. The wines are stored in optimal conditions to allow for proper aging and maximum enjoyment.

Offered here is a small but unique selection from the Ben Gat wine cellars. For more information about these or other wines, please contact us. On your next visit to Israel, make a wine-tasting event an unforgettable highlight of your trip.

Order now in time for the Holidays!

  • 2007 The Cave
    Binyamina Winery

    • USD: $170
  • 2005 Dalton Merlot
    Meron Vineyard

    • USD: $682
  • 2006 “E”
    Ella Valley Winery

    • USD: $239
  • 2004 Cabernet Sauvignon Yarden
    Golan Heights Winery

    • USD: $341
  • 2005 Enosh Cabernet Sauvignon
    Tanya Winerey

    • USD: $205

Jewish Art Online is pleased to present a selection of boutique wines below. If you do not find precisely what you desire, a representative of Ben Gat will be glad to contact you. Please contact us for more information.