Binyamin Basteker



As a student of the masterful colorists of India and the Israeli abstract masters of the 1970s, I have developed a unique style of painting. I love color, I love abstract and I love Jerusalem. Every painting is a praise to Hashem thanking Him for the gifts of art and expression to allow me to share my feelings with the viewer.


Born in 1953 Bombay (Mumbai), India

Moved to Israel in 1969. Lives and works in Jerusalem
1966-1969     Private art studies with local masters, India
1970-1976     Kalisher College of Art, Tel Aviv Private tutelage with Arieh Margushilsky
1980-1984     Kalisher College of Art, teaches drawing and painting
1980-1984     Khan HaTurki, Kiryat Shemona, teaches drawing and aquarelle to advanced students
1988-1989     Mastering silk screen with Alimah
Solo Exhibitions
1978   "Abstract Paintings", Artist’s House, Tel Aviv
1982    "Binyamin Basteker, Paintings 1980-82", Alon Gallery, Jerusalem
1997    "Binyamin Basteker, Aquarelle Painting", Municipal Gallery, Jerusalem
1999    "An Impression from a different angle", Jerusalem Theater, Jerusalem
2000     "Absract Painting", Baeck Institute of Science, Jerusalem
Select Group Exhibitions
1975     "New Faces", Bitan Ha’Amanim, Tel Aviv
1977     "Graduate Exhibition" Khan, Kiryat Shmona
1978     "Thirty Years of the State of Israel", Artist’s House, Jerusalem
1979      "Group Exhibition", Artist's House, Tel Aviv
1979     "The Israeli Grafotech"", Bet Ariela, Tel Aviv
1980     Fifth Biennale for Young Artists, The Haifa Museum of Modern Art
1980     "Abstract Painting", Artist’s House, Tel Aviv
Awards and Scholarships
1961-68     Certificates of Exceptional Artistic Talent, Baroda, India
1974          American Israel Cultural Foundation Grant
1975          Merit Scholarship for Artistic Accomplishment, Israel Ministry of Education, Department of Culture
1975-76     Keren Sharett, Foundation for Young Artists, Certificate of Honor
1978          Israel Ministry of Education, Scholarship for Overseas Art Education
Israeli Painters & Sculptors, National Modern Art Catalog, published 1981, Isart Ltd.
Permanent Collection, Helena Rubinstein Pavilion at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art
Steinherz Family Collection
Assorted Private collections in Israel and abroad



The Stones that Speak, Solo Exhibition

We laugh. We pray. We cry. We give thanks for joyous occasions and seek solace when in distress. The stones listen and absorb.

We step back in distance; in time; in perspective. The stones listen and speak. We are relieved. Hashem has heard our prayers and we are comforted by the silent presence of the stones as we hear.

Binyamin Basteker lives in Jerusalem. He learns in Jerusalem. He paints in Jerusalem. He breathes the stones of Jerusalem.  A product of the Indian masters of the 1970s and the Israeli abstract artists of the 1970s and 1980s, he combines this talent and history to express his, and our, encounters, with these stones.

Binymain is an artist. His language is abstract. His subject is expression. His paintings sing and dance; always hopeful. Day and night, summer and winter. Some are joyous and some are solemn. Some are mysterious while others are apparent. We have experienced them all. Each work evokes emotion; through these paintings we travel thousands of miles, in time, as we wait and anticipate the time that the stones shall return to their glory.