Chani Cohen Zada
Lost, 2016

oil on linen mounted on wood
40 x 70 cm
16 x 28 in

The inner child reappears in the work Lost (2016), which offers an interpretation of Rabbi Nachman of Breslav’s tale “The lost princess” about the quest for the lost soul. The painting depicts a bookshelf displaying a Pentateuch and the Song of Songs. The Scriptures are flanked by the artist’s notebooks, a sketch pad, brushes and pens. The crown that is floating above the Yemima method notebooks suggests a lack of awareness. Despite its presence, awareness must be developed through study. In the artist’s visual reading of the allegory, the princess is the inner child that we ought to know in order to become acquainted with the princess – our very soul. (from Rachel Verliebter, “Apprehending Paradox: The Knowledge of Opposites is One”)

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